About Us

Our goal is to use all of the advantages of modern marketing to help make your brand known. We help our clients with their business as if it were an extension of our own. Because when your business succeeds ours does too!

We understand that marketing can be a complex and daunting task to most business owners; which is why we keep things simple and straightforward; we want to help you find the best marketing solutions for your budget. 


Our team is skilled at providing you and your company with the guidance and support that you need to help your business and brand achieve your business goals with the utmost integrity and transparency.


Our Team

Claudia Herrera | Owner

Claudia has a bachelor's degree in Marketing Management and a background in Graphic Design and branding. She has compiled over six years of experience helping companies in different industries build their brand and online presence.

Claudia founded Milk and Miel Marketing with the intention of providing small and medium businesses with an alternative to the typical overwhelming marketing firms that thrive on confusing their clients and overcharging them. 

Claudia looks forward to continue to develop Milk and Miel Marketing into becoming a one stop solution for all business marketing needs.

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Rosmer Pina | CFO

Rosmer has a bachelor's degree in International Business Management and a background in brand development and brand market integration. With over six years of experience. His passion is in integrating and adapting brands into different markets and cultures.

Rosmer thrives in consulting businesses and analyzing their data in order to coordinate their marketing strategies into sales.

Rosmer looks forward to creating tailored marketing strategies for businesses in all industries. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us, we look forward to learning about you!