What is Social Media Management Anyways? And How will it help my small business?

“Small Businesses are the backbone of the economy” this is a phrase used often, but one could argue that small businesses are the backbone of our society. Many of us have felt the entrepreneurial spirit of starting our business venture. However, only the brave follow through and put in all of their blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to turn their vision into reality. The truth is that small business provides business owners with independence, a change of lifestyle, learning opportunities, and creative freedom. But along with this freedom usually comes many hats to wear. A small business owner must be willing to pursue their sales, provide customer service, render service from start to finish, handle their marketing and online presence. As a business owner, you understand the word overwhelming more than most. Without a doubt, we could all use a hand.

One of those many hats is the social media manager hat which makes sense because to be fair, you know your business best, You know your target audience, you know specifically how you want your business to grow, and you have a general plan of what it will take to get you to that sweet spot. Not to mention that a Social Media Manager worth thousands of dollars a month just isn't in the budget, or it simply is not a priority. We try our best to create engaging content but alas! we often have to face one of three stages: 1) Our followers are not engaging, or 2) We have created a social media presence but we have no followers yet...Or what’s worse 3) Our business doesn’t have a social media or online presence to begin with. (If you are in that last stage, don't worry it's understandable that you were occupied filling all of those other hundreds of hats!).

At any of those stages, you should consider taking a social media management team onboard. Either to help you navigate or to delegate the entire task. Social Media Management (SSM), is simply that, managing your social media profiles, promoting and advertising your business on social media with the intention of reaching your target audience. It’s about putting your business name out there and helping you stand out in an ocean of competitors. SSM allows us to reach potential clients from all age groups and all backgrounds who have one thing in common: Their interest in your product or service.

The process of building a strong consistent and paying following that truly believes in your product or service is a difficult and time-consuming task. Not to mention how the social media platforms will allow you to advertise to your wallet’s end even when it is not reaching our target audience or reaching our goals. This is where a team like Milk & Miel Marketing comes in. Our team has a laser-focused way of targeting the quality paying customers that you need, helping them evolve from online browsers to your physical clientele.

Our process is tailored to your business. It includes a period of research and planning

through which we perform a thorough audit on where your business stands on all of your social media platforms, what your actual business goals and timeline are, where you stand in comparison to your competitors and then we form a strategy on how to boost you towards your goals. You have an entire marketing team to back you up at your budget. Think of all the great ways you can spend that extra time!

It has been proven time and time again that the best way to manage your social media platforms is by creating and executing an SSM strategy that consistently reaps results.

A marketing team that handles your social media presence and marketing is a small investment that really propels your business to the next level, (and takes one of those many hats off of your head).

If you are a small business owner and you are searching for guidance and expertise on how to market your business on social media platforms, please visit our website and schedule a free initial phone or zoom consultation.

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