At Milk and Miel Marketing we specialize in two types of services: Branding and Marketing. 


Our team is highly skilled in creating and developing brands for businesses. We take our time to rigorously analyze and create marketing strategies so that you and your business reach your marketing objectives.


What is a brand and why does your business need one? 

A brand is what visually sets you apart from your competitors. Establishing a brand allows you to generate what we call brand awareness. 

Brand Awareness is your client's ability to tell your brand apart under different circumstances. At Milk & Miel Marketing we work alongside you to assure that we create a brand that accurately represents your business.

Our branding services include but are not limited to the design of:


Website design and management


Business Cards






And more!


What is Marketing?

Simply put marketing promotes brand awareness for your business. 

At Milk and Miel Marketing we meticulously analyze your business and develop strategies to help you promote your business effectively to your desired clientele. 

Our marketing services include but are not limited to:

Social Media Management

Social Media campaigns

Content Writing


And more!