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Our team is highly skilled in the services that we offer. We specialize in Social Media Management, Brand Development, and Marketing Strategy.

Below you can see a quick overview of each service.

Digital social media

At Milk and Miel Marketing, Social Media Management is our bread and butter. 

We specialize in creating enticing content for our clients' media channels to generate engagement and sales.

We offer four monthly Social Media Management Plans, each one carefully tailored to specific social media needs.

​We review our success monthly and adapt according to your business goals.

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Whether we create your logo or your entire corporate image, our goal is to make you stand out.

 A good brand design generates credibility with your clientele and visually sets you apart from your competitors.

Our Graphic Design team works alongside you to create a brand that accurately represents your business. 


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Marketing done correctly can elevate your business to the next level by spreading the word effectively. 

We meticulously analyze your business, goals, and competition and develop strategies to help you promote your business effectively to your desired clientele. 



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Our goal is to use all of the advantages of modern marketing to help make you known. We help our clients with their business as an extension of our own. Because when your business succeeds, ours does too.

We understand that marketing can be a complex and daunting process to most business owners, which is why we keep things straightforward; we want to help you find the best marketing solutions within your budget. 

Our team is skilled at providing you with the guidance and support you need to help you achieve your business goals with the utmost integrity and transparency.




Claudia has a background in graphic design and digital marketing. She has compiled over seven years of experience helping companies in different industries build their brand and online presence.

Claudia founded Milk and Miel Marketing to provide small and medium businesses with an alternative to the typical firms that sometimes seem out of reach.

Claudia looks forward to developing Milk and Miel Marketing into a one-stop solution for all business marketing needs.

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Rosmer has a background in Business Management, brand development, and brand market integration. With over eight years of experience. His passion is integrating and adapting brands into different markets and cultures.

Rosmer thrives in consulting businesses and analyzing their data to coordinate their marketing strategies into sales.

Rosmer looks forward to creating tailored marketing strategies for businesses in all industries. 


Milk & Miel Marketing helped us modernize our brand and materialize our vision!

Our church is blessed to serve the Latino community in Palm Beach County. Milk and Miel helped us to modernize our brand and to take advantage of resources available to us. They actively work with us to develop content for our online presence and to hand out. We are happy to be working with them since 2016!

Iglesia TN Cristo

Religious Organization

Creative & Contemporary Designs

I contacted Claudia to create a logo for the Technology and Aerospace Club at FAU. We sent samples, but we allowed her to take free reign of the logo. She delivered us very creative contemporary designs and was a pleasure to work with. 

Brian Holguin Engr. 

Technology & Aerospace Club Member 

Florida Atlantic University

It was such a pleasant experience to work with Claudia on creating a logo for my new business. I provided her a few inspiration photos and she was able to create the perfect logo on the first try. Claudia was very efficient and flexible when it came to taking my suggestions and bringing them to life. She provided her professional insight and opinions all along the way. I fully trust her work. 

Thank you!

Sonia Giron

Nymph Lashes

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we've worked with...

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